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lawn care

LivingCanvas is managed by skilled lawn care professional team which always take care about our clients. We have many years of experience in providing outstanding work for both residential and commercial clients. Our goal is to further continue establishing our good reputation as a trustworthy lawn care and landscape service in the USA. We flourish on building long-term relationships with our customers by focusing the principles of belief, superiority, and excellent customer service.

LivingCanvas is committed to deliver an supreme level of service that you won’t find in any other lawn company in USA. Our experienced professionals will work with you through the whole process of the project to make sure you are satisfied. So feel free in order to get good services and contact us by filling our online form or by making a call. We will listen you carefully.

Our services

  • Professional Mowing and Trimming
  • Weed control
  • fertilization
  • edging
  • core aeration treatment
  • de-thatching
  • power washing


Flower Bed & Landscaping Maintenance

We use clean, efficient and quiet garden and landscape maintenance equipment. And while we don't make as much racket as the other guys, our statement is loud and clear: we're committed to bringing out the best in your property, along with a sustainable service.

Mulch & Decorative Rock Installation

Mulching around trees and flower beds adds an instant touch of elegance and beauty to your landscape. However, mulching can be more beneficial than most people know. Installing mulch can help to prevent weed growth, retain moisture during dry seasons, prevent soil erosion, and maintain soil nutrients. Mulch is available in the following colors: natural hardwood, black, dark brown, bright red, and auburn.

spring ~& fall


Spring is an important time to assess and cleanup your property after the long winter months as well as prepare for the oncoming warmer weather.

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Residential snow removal

Our team is available to plow during any storm, any time, including nights, weekends and holidays. Give us a call, and we’ll get to you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to answer and return calls promptly. During and after a storm, we’ll always come back to your property as many times as necessary to ensure your property is safe and clear.

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